What can you make with a laser cutter?

Open source beehive design by Obrary.

Laser cutting technology is fascinating to most people, but when it comes down to it they’re left wonder “what would I do with a machine like this?”.  Luckily, there are plenty of open source and low-cost designs available for download. All you need is access to a laser cutter and you can be on your way to creating your own furniture, jewelry, toys, art, decor, educational aides, accessories, and more. The benefits of building with a laser cutter is the ability to customize your items – change the size, add decorative elements, or increase the functionality to suit your needs. View the Vocademy calendar to find our upcoming dates and times for our FREE Laser Cutting & Engraving class, as well as our Laser Cutting Basics classes. Call 951.266.6630 or 951.275.5350 to register.

Obrary is a provider of open source designs for a number of laser cut products. Various tables and chairs, doll houses, clocks and keepsake boxes, jewelry and purses, as well as more intricate items like microscopes, 3D scanners, and beehives. Obrary can make their designs and ship the finished item to you for a cost, but for those who want to DIY they make all of their designs available for FREE.

Free and customizable – who wouldn’t want to create a beautiful reading nook or child-sized homework space with this OpenDesk design.

is similar to Obrary, but their designs are created with a CNC router in mind. That being said, their designs are beautiful and with a few tweaks these designs can be made with a laser cutter. OpenDesk has a smaller selection of designs than Obrary, but their catalog is growing and their designs are functional and very aesthetically pleasing. And just like the designs over at Obrary, these files can be modified for customization… imagination is the limit!

Crafteeo family fun!

For pure fun, and to get kids more engaged in the act of making, Crafteeo offers some unique and appealing designs that can be laser cut with simple cardboard and cardstock. Papercraft and cardboard craft has become extremely popular with kids, especially with the Minecraft papercraft kits and cardboard craft masks that seem to be everywhere. Crafteeo is taking these concepts to a whole new level with their cardboard armor for kids. Buy the kits directly from their online shop, or for a lower cost you can download the plans and laser cut them yourself. How-Lun Chen, the founder of Crafteeo, tells us that he is currently in the process of expanding the kits and designs he offers to include teen and adult sizes, as well as moving beyond just the medieval costumes to various types of costumes and beyond. How-Lun says his kid’s friends call their home The Armory, and the kits are quickly becoming immensely popular for hands-on family fun. Family cardboard craft classes are coming to Vocademy soon. Join our Meet-Up group to get acquainted with the fun of Crafteeo during our free Do-It-Together Tuesday night, we will be making the Crafteeo spearhead on November 18th!

This week’s classes.

No matter how old the pupil, whether child or adult, doing IS learning. Find a new challenge, a new experience, a new learning opportunity TODAY!


Do-It-Together Tuesday @ 6PM
Laser Cutting & Engraving Introduction (FREE) @ 6:30PM

Laser Cutting Basics II @ 6:30PM
Woodshop Introduction (FREE) @ 6:30PM

Welding Introduction (FREE) @ 6:30PM

Raw Materials Basics @ 6:30PM
Woods and Adhesives @ 6:30PM
Woodturning Spindles @ 7PM

Laser Cutting & Engraving Introduction (FREE) @ 11:30AM
Machine Shop Hardware @ 12:30PM
Woods and Adhesives @ 12:30PM
Autodesk Fusion 360 – CAD I @ 1PM
MIG Welding Basics @ 1PM
The Four Main Machines @ 2:30PM
Autodesk Fusion 360 – CAD II @ 5PM
MIG Gap Plate @ 6PM

Laser Cutting Acrylic @ 12PM
3D Printing Basics @ 1PM
MIG Angle Iron Cube @ 1PM
Making a Campfire Grill @ 6PM

This week’s classes includes Cosplay Workshop Weekend!

Skeleton Corpsification on October 18th!

Last chance to learn some new techniques and skills to apply to your Halloween costumes, decorations, and displays – October’s Cosplay Workshop Weekend is this Friday through Sunday! Call 951.275.5350 or 951.266.6630 to register. Come in anytime between 11AM and 11PM for a tour of the facility!

TUES. OCT. 14th
Do-It-Together Tuesday (free) @ 6PM

WED. OCT. 15th
Intro to Machine Shop (free) @ 6PM
Laser Cutting Acrylic @ 6:30PM
Manual Lathe Hands-On @ 6:30PM

THURS. OCT. 16th
Intro to 3D Printing (free) @ 6:30PM

FRI. OCT. 17th
Intro to Costume & Prop-Making (free) @ 6PM
Machine Sewing Basics @ 6:30PM
Woods & Adhesives @ 6:30PM
Life Casting: Alginate @ 7PM

SAT. OCT. 18th
Face Casting: Alginate @ 11:30AM
Intro to Welding (free) @ 11:30AM
Sewing Patterns I @ 12PM
Chainmail & Scalemail Basics @ 1PM
Vacuforming Basics @ 2:30PM
Sewing Patterns II @ 5PM
Skeleton Corpsification @ 5:30PM

SUN. OCT. 19th
Armor Making: Worbla Forming @ 11:30AM
Sewing Patterns III @ 11:30AM
Laser Cutting Basics @ 12PM
Laser Cutting for Prop-Making @ 3:30PM