Electronics classes are finally here, PLUS Arduino workshops are back!

Tuesday, December 16th
Do-It-Together Tuesday @ 6pm (free for everyone!)
Machine Shop Introduction @ 6:30pm (FREE!)

Wednesday, December 17th
Laser Cutting Basics @ 6:30pm

Thursday, December 18th
Electronics Basics @ 7pm (NEW CLASS!)

Friday, December 19th
Sewing & Textiles Introduction @ 6:30pm (FREE!)
Manual Mill Set-up & OPS @ 6:30pm

Saturday, December 20th
Arduino for Jr. Makers @ 9:30am (workshop for KIDS!)
Autodesk Fusion 360 – CAD II @ 12pm
Manual Mill Hands-On @ 3pm

Sunday, December 21st
Arduino for Beginners @ 9:30am
Laser Cutting Basics I: Holiday Edition @ 1:30pm (Basics class + extra hour free + holiday themed project)


Professional stuntman, Troy Hartman, visits Vocademy

(left to right) Gene Sherman, Troy Hartman, and Steve Kurti.

We had a special guest visit Vocademy this week!

Troy Hartman, most well-known for his 3 season MTV show Senseless Acts of Video, is a pro-stuntman, extreme sportsman, and TV show host.  He skysurfs, lights parachutes on fire and flies with a jetpack.

Troy came to Vocademy to discuss his next maker/stuntman/flying machine project, and how we could be involved.

Stay tuned for updates!

Learn welding and fab for hobby & home improvement

Want to learn welding and fabrication for hobby or home improvement?
Can’t find a place to learn that doesn’t require $10,000+ and a minimum of a year commitment to a certifying program?
At Vocademy you can learn what you want to learn, when you want to learn it. Whether you want the bare basics of welding or you want to delve deeper into more complex fabrication, you can choose how much you need to learn. Get a membership and come back to use our welding equipment whenever you want. Its that simple.
Sunday, December 14th
MIG Welding Basics @ 1pm – 4 hour class only $149
MIG Gap Plate @ 6pm – 4 hours for $152 (prereq. MIG Welding Basics)
Call 951.266.6630 to register now. Only 4 spots available for the Basics class, and 5 spot available for Gap Plate.