Black Friday – lowest prices ever ONE DAY ONLY!

ONE DAY ONLY. Vocademy will be offering a membership and class package at our lowest cost ever! We will not be running this deal again before the new year. Now is your chance to lock in this amazing price. Whether you are buying for yourself or for a holiday gift – buy now, and membership will not begin until the member has taken their first class… perfect if buying our Black Friday Special as a holiday gift!
Call 951-266-6630.
Leave a message with your name, contact info, and say that you want in on the Black Friday Special.
Vocademy is closed Nov. 26th – Nov. 29th. We will be returning calls on Nov. 30th and Dec. 1st. Only messages left on Nov. 28th will be able to register for the Black Friday Special.
Reopening from holidays on 11/30. Come take a tour or sign up for some FREE intro classes. 1635 Spruce St. Riverside, CA.

3 million jobs available in the U.S.

Vocademy has many college students as members, and we are also working on a grant for more University of California – Riverside students to have access. There is NO shortage of people applying to universities, but the UC system just voted to raise tuition 5% per year for the next 5 years! This makes it cost prohibitive for many.

We would like to offer an alternative: Self Guided Learning & Access to Hands-On Skills.
If a person was to take EVERY class we have to offer AND have a 1 year membership, you would spend less than $6,000. We have space for you to study and have access to the internet 7 days a week from 11am to 11pm. Take one year, learn amazing skills, build a portfolio of works, and perhaps find your path in life. Or you could give that opportunity to an underprivileged teen or vet by sponsoring them. Call us for details. 951-266-6630, or come in any time for a tour and to learn more about how Vocademy can benefit you.

Free classes on the calendar for 11/25 – 11/30

Vocademy will be closed from Wednesday, November 26th through Saturday, November 29th to spend time with our families during the Thanksgiving holiday. We will open again for business as usual on Sunday, November 30th… just in time for everyone to get started on MAKING gifts for friends and family!

Do-It-Together Tuesday (FREE) @ 6pm
Sewing & Textiles Introduction (FREE) @ 6:30pm

Laser Cutting & Engraving Introduction (FREE) @ 11:30am
3D Printing Introduction (FREE) @ 1pm
Welding Introduction (FREE) @ 3pm

Call 951.266.6630 to register for any of these classes, or visit the calendar for more information.