You wanted more workshops so we’re giving you more workshops!

We have been listening to your feedback, and one of the requests was for more workshops. This weekend we have a 3D printing workshop, which takes you through the basics of 3D printing plus shows you finishing techniques for your final product. We also have a laser cutting and engraving workshop which shows you how to use the machine, teaches you how to create your own designs in InkScape, then build your own Make & Take laser cut & engraved lamp! Welding workshop will be coming on September 7th & 8th, and our monthly Cosplay Workshop Weekend is next up on September 19th – 21st (just in time for Halloween… learn how to make your own costume & props!). Call 951.266.6630 to register for any of the workshops or classes.


Laser Cutting & Engraving Introduction (FREE) @ 5:30PM
Manual Mill Hands-On @ 6:30PM


Welding Introduction (FREE) @ 11:30AM
Computer Aided Design Introduction (FREE) @ 12:15PM
MIG Welding Basics @ 1PM
BobCAD Basics @ 2PM
MIG Gap Plate @ 6PM

SUNDAY 08/24

3D Printing Introduction (FREE) @ 12PM
Laser Cutting & Engraving Introduction (FREE) @ 12PM
3D Printing Workshop @ 1PM
Laser Cutting & Engraving Workshop @ 1PM

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WE NEED YOU! Makers, volunteers, sponsors, vendors, attendees… sign up on the IEMMF site.

Machine Shop SkillSet Machine shop SkillSet starts again on September 3rd. New scheduling gets you trained on the mill and lathe in shorter time. Sign-up now, call 951.266.6630.

Club Cosplay: Where DIY costumes and nightlife mix

This week Vocademy was invited to Club Cosplay; a nightclub that caters to cosplayers, geeks, fanboys, fangirls, and nerd-lovers a like.

We wanted to make sure that our booth was something special that could really bring something to enhance the nightclub experience, so we put some of Vocademy’s creative minds and awesome problem solvers together, and came up with a design for a portable toy box photo booth. Vocademy member and chain & scalemaille instructor, Mike Lugin, spent a couple long days in the large projects room working on the construction and painting. All the hard work paid off, there was a constant stream of people stepping into the life-sized action figure box to take photos.

We will be continuing to make improvements to the look and design of the box, like easy to apply and remove graphics to change up the look of the box for different events.

We also made sure to have our cosplay repair station kit fully stocked for the event. There were plenty of cosplayers with costuming emergencies, and our instructional manager and cosplay expert Angel was ready with her gear and skills to get everyone patched up.

Vocademy is stoked to be involved with Club Cosplay. The experience was unlike any other, it was definitely not your common nightclub! It was so fantastic to see everyone complimenting each others cosplays, no one was being critical or judgmental of one another. Not everyone in attendance was in cosplay but we were all definitely fans of cosplay with our own various fandoms and nerdiness. Club Cosplay even has a code of conduct & ethics to make sure that all in attendance are on the same page and that everyone is treated respectfully. We are really happy to say that Vocademy has been invited back to Club Cosplay for their next event. We will, of course, be bringing our repair station as well as our photo booth.

Follow Club Cosplay on Facebook and Instagram, and keep your eyes on their site for news of their next event. Check out some of the photos we took of all the cosplay fun!

Want to go to Club Cosplay dressed-up? Vocademy’s next Cosplay Workshop Weekend is happening on September 19th – 21st. Registration is open now!

YOU can turn fantasy into reality. Cosplay Weekend August 15th – 17th.

Masks by prop-builder and Vocademy instructor, Chad Van Wye. You can learn from Chad at our upcoming Cosplay Workshop Weekend, August 15th – 17th.

Breathe life into your favorite characters from film, TV, video games, books, or your own original concepts with our costume & prop-building classes. Cosplay Weekend is a great way to meet like-minded, imaginative people in an inspiring environment where you can learn the skills and techniques necessary to create impressive props and costumes. Whether you enjoy going to conventions in cosplay or you are looking to make an amazing costume or decorations for Halloween, these classes will help you build a project that stands out from the crowd.
Class size is limited to make sure each student gets quality instruction, but this means that classes tend to fill up quickly. Call 951.266.6630 to register.

Vocademy member, Jakob Jones, with a mask he made in Vacuforming Basics then painted in Prop & Armor Finishing: Battle Damaged Painting.


Laser Cutting for Prop-Making
@ 12PM

Machine Sewing Basics
@ 12PM

Factory Finish Plastic Metalizing
@ 2PM

Patterns I
(sewing) @ 4PM

Cosplay Open Collaboration @ 6PM & 8PM

Vocademy instructors, Niko & Nikki. You can learn from them this cosplay weekend!

SUNDAY 08/17

Life Casting: Alginate
@ 12PM

Armor Making: Worbla Forming @ 12PM

Prop & Armor Finishing: Battle Damaged Painting @ 4PM

Silicon Box Molding and Resin Casting @ 6:30PM

Hands-on learning in Armor Making: Worbla Forming class. You can learn about this thermal plastic and how simple it can be to work with
this Sunday.