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Vocademy is one-of-a-kind. We are an education-focused makerspace that combines the best parts of school shop classes, trade schools, R&D labs, and dream garages, all in one place.  With over a dozen subject areas, we have classes that can take anyone from absolute beginner all the way to expert and anywhere in between. During business hours we serve educational, organizational, and corporate clients. Evenings and weekends we are a pure community makerspace.

We provide the best combination of tools, equipment, instructors, access, and education. We offer hands-on (Advanced Manufacturing) skills training for students, employees, teachers, vets, and everyone in our community. For those in Southern California, we invite you to come take a tour of our amazing facility and see what we offer. For those elsewhere, we can help you bring a full size Vocademy to your community or help you with a turn-key makerspace solution for your schools, libraries, organizations, or companies.


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