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Where good ideas come from.

This video shows exactly why a place for people to gather and collaborate is exactly “where good ideas come from!”  Steven Johnson, author of the book, narrates a video that explains how we are far more creative in a group environment.  The “dry-erase” animation is a great addition for those of us that are more visual than auditory.

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Mythbuster’s Adam Savage “Why We Make”

Adam Savage is part of the team at Mythbusters.  But, what most people might not realize is that he is a true “maker.”  That TV show is not just a job, he loves to create. The video below is of a talk he gave at a Maker Faire a few months ago.  As he says “It doesn’t matter what you make and it doesn’t matter why, the importance is that you are making something.”  

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The Tradesman – A movie all “makers” should watch…

If you are a maker, a craftsman(or woman) or someone who knows the satisfaction of working with your hands, you will enjoy this movie. It shows very smart and hard working people doing difficult work. The kind of work many of us avoid doing.  But, this documentary is a striking example of why we NEED skilled trades people and why they are a crucial part of the success of America. These are the people that MADE this country, they are the innovators, the creators of companies and they are disappearing! At the very least, you will understand how these hard …

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Vocademy at the Sand Sports Super Show!

Hello Vocademy fans! We will have our first booth at the Sand Sport Show this weekend  (September 14th,15th and 16th) in Costa Mesa California at the OC Fairgrounds.  Our number one  goal is to interview show attendees and find out what they would want to create or learn at Vocademy. Of course, the second goal is more exposure to potential makers and members. So stop by and say hello. We will be in building #14, booth #328 and would love to see you there:  SSS SHOW If off-road vehicles is your thing, this is a must-see event! From trucks, to …

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The Knifemaker. A beautiful example of hands-on skills.

A man who finds what he really loves is a man who will never have to work a day in his life. I truly believe that. In this case Joel Bukiewicz has got it figured out.  He’s the owner of a high end cutlery shop called  Cut Brooklyn.  As any chef can tell you, the knife is the most important tool in the kitchen.  If you love to cook, want to know everything about kitchen knives or appreciate hand made objects, you must watch this video! This video shows not only how he makes knives, but all the intricacies of …

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