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National Week of Making 2016

  June 17th – 23rd, 2016 marks the second annual National Week of Making! The White House invites “people of all ages to hold events around the country celebrating ingenuity, inspiring creative problem-solving, and supporting opportunities for those from all backgrounds to tinker and make.” At VOCADEMY we foster the sentiments of the National Week of Making all year round by providing access to the tools and technology of making. This past year in particular has been one of growth for our maker community as our partnership with Learn4Life, as well as a number of public and charter schools, has …

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The Eagle Has Landed

After closing out 2015 on the high note of winning the Spirit of the Entrepreneur Award, Gene Sherman and his venture Vocademy – The Makerspace, is being recognized again a mere few months later!  The Greater Riverside Chamber of Commerce has made Sherman the proud recipient of the Small Business Eagle Award of 2015 – surely a sign that the City of Riverside is heralding the maker movement’s presence in the Inland Empire area. This award goes to show that Vocademy’s efforts are standing out in the City of Riverside – a place of great opportunity – where many come …

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Gene Sherman 2015 Spirit of the Entrepreneur Winner

  This past week was a great one for Vocademy – The Makerspace! Not only did we have a great week with our class schedule that featured Electronics, Wood Shop and 3D printing; we also had our CEO Gene Sherman honored at the Spirit of the Entrepreneur Awards on November 10th as he won the award for Small/Emerging Enterprise for 2015! Congratulations Gene on this amazing accomplishment!  This award means much more to him than just a trophy, it’s an attest to the hard work and dedication put into bringing life to Vocademy. With his vision that hands on skills …

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2015 Spirit of the Entrepreneur awards

  CEO and founder of Vocademy – The Makerspace, Gene Sherman, will be attending The Spirit of Entrepreneur event on Tuesday November 10th as he is a finalist for the Small/Emerging Enterprises category of the year for 2015. This is the second time Gene has been a finalist for such an award, and is a testament to his hard work and dedication to bringing Vocademy to life. The Spirit of Entrepreneurship Awards program was founded in 2003 and is dedicated to recognize and celebrate the top entrepreneurs from the Inland Empire. Not only is this event great for the nominees, but …

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