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We are the place for learning real-world hands-on skills. We offer classes in over a dozen Advanced Manufacturing subjects.  Open 7-days-a-week to everyone over the age of 14.  We welcome students, employees, teachers, hobbyists, and veterans. For a career, a hobby, or just for fun, we teach you real-world skills in a safe and effective manner. Take one class or take one hundred, it’s up to you…


College is NOT for everyone or at least not immediately. Many young adults are natural makers and need the opportunity to discover their hands-on skills. Plus there are thousands of career opportunities in advanced manufacturing, the arts, engineering, and other maker industries. These skills, and the ability to make things, are in demand today.
For many students, our vocational classes are what keep them from dropping out of school AND show them how valuable they can be to the world.


Are you a manufacturing or engineering related business? Are you looking to upskill your employees or new employees that have fundamental hands-on skills? Give us a call. We create the kind of people you are looking for. People who are interested in the world of manufacturing and making things. Our industry driven classes and apprenticeship programs focus on real-world skill learning and practice.


We keep students in high school by giving them real-world skills that will help them get good jobs after they graduate. We show students why reading, writing, and arithmetic matter in the world of making things. We work with School Districts and Charter Schools to give students opportunities to learn valuable hands-on skills not taught elsewhere.
We also teach these STEM/CTE skills to teachers of all grades. Our classes qualify toward CTE credential credits and experience.


Are you an inventor, a builder, an artist, a tinkerer, or a hobbyist? Want to learn real, practical, and highly in-demand job skills? Do you want to be a more independent and not rely on others to get things made or fixed?  Want to collaborate with other creative people? Ever been frustrated by not having the right tools or the skills to use them?  Ever dreamed of having your own dream workshop?
If you said “YES” to any of the above, then click below…

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