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Are you a manufacturing or engineering related business?

Are you looking for employees with fundamental hands-on skills or to  up-skill your current employees?

From having access to our tools and equipment, to classes for your employees, to scholarships for those in the community, Vocademy can be your ideal solution. We are not a trade school, we are much more. Our approach to training is the same as a company would have in an apprenticeship program. Lean, efficient and focused on the knowledge that is necessary to get a job done well and safely. Our classes have very little history or theory, just fundamental skills and hands-on learning.  

EMPLOYEE TRAINING - Real world, practical, industry based, and affordable skills training for your employees.

APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM - Vocademy offers a unique three month Maker Professional Apprenticeship program. 

EMPLOYEE REWARDS - Give your employees the gift of skills and knowledge and your organization will reap the benefits too!

YOUR R&D LAB - Why invest in expensive equipment? Equipment that you might rarely use? We have the tools and experts you need!

SPONSORSHIPS - An ideal way to help a student, veteran, or any community member get the skills to succeed. Pay it forward and help create a workforce! 


Hiring new people or want to improve your employees skills? We can give your company the unfair advantage by offering practical, industry based skills classes and knowledge. Real world hands-on classes not available anywhere else. Classes that can be held during days, evenings and weekends based on your company's needs.

We offer traditional skills, such as: wood shop and metal working to state-of-the-art in CAD, 3D printing, electronics and laser cutting. We adapt to technology quickly to offer the latest in technology. Our classes are condensed and do not cover theory or history. We can do this in a relatively short time, without impacting your work with our evening and weekend classes.

We are NOT an accredited trade school. Our classes are based on the apprenticeship models of the past. We teach for the benefit of the company and employee. Concise, practical knowledge and focus on core skill building. All of our SkillSet classes require every student to complete a "Skills Competency Project."  A physical object or assembly, requiring all the skills we have taught. Only then do students get their Certificate Of Completion.

Unlike traditional schools, we have much more to offer. Because of the added benefit of membership, your employees can come in and hone their skills on the equipment they have learned. They are free to practice, work on company tasks or on personal projects, 7 days a week, in a comfortable and very inspirational environment.

We offer several different plans that can be transferred to different employees as you need and we can set-up custom classes for as few as 8 employees. We have Employee training for every budget and company size. Complete training packages that include classes and membership.


We are also working on our California ETP (Employee Training Panel) approval. This program can  reimburse a substantial portion of the training costs that we provide.

"The Employment Training Panel (ETP) provides funding to employers to assist in upgrading the skills of their workers through training that leads to good paying, long-term jobs. The ETP was created in 1982 by the California State Legislature and is funded by California employers through a special payroll tax. The ETP is a funding agency, not a training agency. Businesses determine their own training needs and how to provide training. ETP staff is available to assist in applying for funds and other aspects of participation."

This program is available to large and small businesses and can be tailored to your needs. Please contact us if you would like more information: Cathy@Vocademy.com

 or call 951-266-6630 for details.

Vocademy was featured in the October 2014 issue of CNC West Magazine. It tells the story of Vocademy and how we can help industry and manufacturing in Southern California: http://www.cnc-west.com/VOCADEMY_2.html  or download the PDF: Click Here

Vocademy and Made Right Here have partnered to help create the workforce of the future. Our goal is to train people in a broad range of hands-on skills on a fundamental level.  Unlike the “depth” of existing (subject focused) apprenticeship programs, our approach is to teach a “breadth” of different skills. We do this in an intensive 3-month (300 hour) program at our facility in Riverside.

In partnership with employers, we create a workforce with a very good set of hands-on skills and a desire to work in the world of Advanced Manufacturing . The Maker Professional Apprenticeship Program is a recognized and registered with the Federal Department of Labor and California Department Of Apprenticeships. It is an ideal solution for established companies of all sizes and start-ups looking for a skilled workforce. We create the generalists that our employer partners make into specialists!  Please CLICK HERE for more details. 

We are looking for employers and job seekers to join our Apprenticeship Program.


Vocademy is the ideal way to reward your employees and can result in tremendous benefits for the employer. Think of Vocademy as a gym membership for those that love to tinker, build, fix, and make things. A great way to create a more skilled workforce by simply giving your staff access to our makerspace.

You have employees that might want to use your equipment and tools after work, but your company policy and insurance does not allow it. We can help. We can give those employees the access and training they need to use our place nights and weekends.

You have employees that would love access to Vocademy because they are incredibly creative. Let them exercise that creativity and we promise, they'll bring it back to work. A weekend spent at Vocademy, is a weekend spent learning the skills that make them more valuable to you.

You have employees that would love to come to Vocademy, but can't quite afford it. You can help by giving them the gift of classes, membership and/or both. Give them access to an amazing and fun place. The gift of skills is a gift that lasts a lifetime. We are the best bang-for-the-buck rewards program for your employees.

We have Employee Rewards Plans for every budget and company size. Plans that are company or individual based. Plans that include packages of class hours and/or membership. Please contact Cathy@Vocademy.com or call 951-266-6630 for details.


Sponsorship is a financial aid awarded to a person or an organization to help them pay for access to education. It provides the access to skills and the knowledge necessary to help them succeed and better their lives. The best way to pay it forward!

Vocademy's "The Gift Of Skills" sponsorships programs are an ideal way to give back to your community and a way to help change people's lives. Vocademy is a private, for-profit business, but with very philanthropic ideals and goals. We truly want to "help make people more valuable to the world!" But we cannot do it alone. We need the support of individuals, the community and local businesses to help us give people access to learning skills and developing their talents.

We find those in our community who can benefit from what we offer, but cannot afford it. Together (the benefactor, our counselors and the recipient) determine the best course of action. From classes, to membership, to packages that include both. We promise to give that individual or group the valuable life skills they can take with them. We teach tangible skills that people can use in their personal or professional lives. We give people access to knowledge that they could not otherwise obtain.

We don't want your money. We want to facilitate the funds going to the right individual, give them reduced pricing to our classes and facility. It is a gift from you to them. We just help make the connection. Giving through Vocademy does NOT give you a tax deduction. It gives you the satisfaction of knowing that you can help change lives.


  • For foster kids, veterans, high school students, or ANYONE you choose.
  • For individuals, organizations or specific groups.
  • Donors can remain anonymous or be featured on our website & social media.
  • We have class and access plans from $300 to $30,000.
  • We are not a non-profit, there's no tax write-off. This is true giving to help others.
  • We teach skills that people keep for a lifetime.
  • We inspire those that have not discovered their path in life.

For more information, please use our CONTACT US form, email us: info@vocademy.com or call: 951-266-6630


    • Need to develop a physical prototype and don't have a budget for a machine shop, 3D printers or a fab shop?
    • We can help by giving you the training and access you need.
    • Need access to $250,000 of industrial equipment and instruction?
    • We can help by being your R&D lab. You or your employees can take classes, become members and use our facility as your own Research and development department, 7-days-a-week.
    • Need us to make a few prototypes for you?  
    • We can help through our HIRE-A-PRO service. Even though we prefer our members learn and do it themselves, we offer this to those that don't have the time, resources or desire to do it themselves.
    • We do not allow production in our facility, so most prototyping is limited to less than 25 of any one item. Above this number, we can refer our members to local machine shops and manufacturing companies for production.

We're here to help with Corporate Plans that include packages of class hours and membership to give you access to our facility.If you would like more information, please contact us:


or call: 951-266-6630

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