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Are you an inventor, a builder, an artist, a tinkerer, a maker, or want to be one? Want to learn real, practical, and valuable hands-on skills? Do you want to be a more independent and not rely on others to get things fixed, made, or modified? Want to gather, create, and collaborate with others like you? Do you want to become more valuable to the world? We can help!
Have you ever been frustrated by not having the right tools or someone to show you how to use them? Have you wanted to bounce your ideas off of someone else and didn’t have anyone around? Always dreamed of having your own workshop? We can help! We are truly open to everyone, ages 8 to 98.
We realize that many of us lack the resources, money, or space to work on our ideas and projects. Even if we do have all the tools, we are often limited by our own knowledge. But at Vocademy, we want to teach and then give you access to use these “tools of making” whenever you wish! Vocademy is where makers come together and amazing things happen. Where you surrounding yourself with talented and creative people, in an environment where anything is possible. The place where you can spend time with your kids, your friends, your co-workers, and many others, all doing what we love; learning skills and making things!
Vocademy is a mad inventor’s laboratory, Edison’s workshop, an arts & crafts studio, a dream garage, and an R&D facility, all in one. Where you can learn as much or as little as you like, at your own pace, in an amazing environment.  Plus, our instructors and ‘red shirts’ are here to help you every step of the way.

Becoming a part of Vocademy has many benefits:


  • Personal development and empowerment.
  • Build you self-confidence and lifelong abilities.
  • A community of like-minded and creative people.
  • Improved skills, even ones you already have.
  • Open access to learn what you want & when you want to!
  • Increased value to the modern workforce and job skills.
  • Improved kinesthetic abilities, and practical knowledge.
  • Opportunities to create lasting bonds and friendships.
  • Access to $250,000 worth of tools & technology.
  • An environment of inspiration and motivation.
For more information, please use our CONTACT US form, email us: info@vocademy.com or call: 951-266-6630




Cosplay (aka, costume, prop making and attending “cons”) is becoming wildly popular. Cosplay is for everyone; from Anime fans, to those who want to create the perfect Halloween costume, to sci-fi fans, to renfaire folks, and steampunk aficionados. Cosplay has no restrictions or limitations. Regardless of your age or gender, YOU choose whom you want to become. You can truly express yourself with the most creative and incredible costumes and props, and we can teach you how!
More and more people want to create these amazing characters for themselves, their friends, and families. But there’s only so much you can learn from YouTube videos and by trial-and-error. Having access to proper instruction and the necessary equipment really makes the difference. The best part is that the skills required to make costumes and props are truly practical skills. Skills that can be used in your personal and professional life. Plus, it’s a TON of fun!
Our goal is not to make you a make professional costume and prop maker for movies. We’re here for those of you who want to breathe life into your favorite characters from film, TV, video games, books, or even your own original concepts. With our practical, modern real-world classes, anyone can build projects that stand out from the crowd. But with the right classes, practice, and a portfolio, you can be a pro someday. Plus our Cosplay Workshop Weekends are a great way to meet like-minded, imaginative people, in an inspiring environment, where you can learn these amazing skills to create impressive props and costumes. Pick the classes you want to take and learn from the best.
Plus! By becoming a member, you can gain access to use all the tools and techniques in our facility, 7-days a week. Members can come back and collaborate, create and keep expanding their skills. When you have access to $250,000+ of tools and surround yourself with other cosplayers, the possibility are limitless.
Want to see what cosplayers are capable of making?  Check out our GALLERY
Our Cosplay class are incredibly popular, but class sizes are limited and we tend to fill up quickly. For more information, please use our CONTACT US form, email us: info@vocademy.com or call: 951-266-6630


Are you an inventor, a builder, a hacker, an artist, tinkerer, a DIY type, or a maker? Do you want to become someone who is self-reliant? Not have to depend on others to get certain things fixed, made or modified? Have a project you want to make into realty? Vocademy is the place for you.  A place where you can learn to use the tools and equipment that will let you design, create and build your dream projects. It’s not just classes and equipment, it’s access to other amazing members. Each with their own skills, passions and talents.  We’re people can collaborate and create. The DIY (Do It Yourself) can be costly and time consuming.  We prefer DIT (Do It Together)!

At Vocademy, we have ACCESS PATH classes to our equipment.  If you want to use a certain piece of equipment, we can let you know exactly which class(es) you’ll need to take to get there, in the least amount of time.  If you want to learn all the fundamentals, we offer SKILLSET PATH. We’re you’ll all the necessary basics of that subject. You choose.

Take a look at our amazing CLASSES, sign up and start inventing. If you’d like more info, please: email us  info@vocademy.comor call: 951-266-6630


Vocademy is a makerspace at heart. But our facility also functions as a space for new companies and ideas to grow and flourish. Ideas need resources and we have the space, the offices, the equipment and the classes to help new companies develop amazing products and ideas. For the cost of membership, teams can work in our facility to develop hardware and software products. We have meeting rooms and furnished offices for rent.

We offer collaboration, opportunities to learn, classes on the tools of making, Hire-A-Pro services and more. From helping with simple websites, to prototype design, to manufacturing resources, we are here to help. Surround yourself with creative and skilled people,  in an incredibly creative environment. The path to your prototype business or product begins here.

If you would like more information, Please contact us. Use our CONTACT US form, email us: info@vocademy.com or call: 951-266-6630


Want to give someone the gift of lifelong skills and wonderful experiences? Regardless of age, a gift of Vocademy classes and membership is an investment in an individual’s future. Whether it is yourself, an employee, a friend, a family member, these memberships and classes do not lose value.  In fact, they only give the individual MORE value over time. They can use the gift for personal growth, gaining skills for employment opportunities, or working on prototypes or products. The possibilities are endless.

A gift of a Vocademy membership and class package is telling the recipient that you believe in their potential, their creativity, and their ability to make something amazing! Giving yourself the gift of Vocademy means you are ready to unlock a door to endless possibilities. If you can imagine it, you can MAKE it here.

We have gift certificates and can create custom gift packages based on your needs.  Take a look at our current memberships and specials here: MEMBERSHIPS

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