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Can the Maker Movement End the Skills Gap?

DATE: June 6, 2015
SOURCE: sme.org
Gene Sherman, a self-described maker who has been a machinist and toolmaker and is now an educator and entrepreneur as the founder of Vocademy—The Makerspace (Riverside, CA). Sherman was a Keynoter at the Big M event in Detroit in mid-June, where he shared his history and his vision with rapt manufacturing-industry listeners.

“The maker movement is massive and we have to take advantage of it for the sake of our country,” Sherman said. “Because the skills gap scares me.”…

Geeky Freaky Visits Vocademy: the Makerspace

DATE: February 4, 2015
SOURCE: geekyfreaky.com
Have a passion for cosplay and prop building and are ready to take it to the next level? Or do you have the skills, but not access to thousands of dollars in state-of-the-art equipment? Or are you just someone who loves creating with your hands, but your studio apartment won’t cut it as a work..

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Riverside Major

Riverside Mayor Calls for Regional Leadership

DATE: January 26, 2015
SOURCE: Inland News Today
RIVERSIDE – (INT) – Mayor Rusty Bailey called for Riverside to “Show leadership on the regional stage” in his third State of the City speech Thursday.
Riverside is a place where Gene Sherman, a visionary leader in the maker space movement, can develop an idea for his own Vocademy – a concept so innovative that he was invited to the White House to meet with the President.


Closing the Skills Gap with 3D Printing and Hands-On Experiences

DATE: September 25, 2014
SOURCE: Afinia 3D
Gene Sherman, Founder/CEO of Vocademy, a makerspace open to all ages, seven days a week. Their focus is to close the skills-gap by teaching the most state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and providing the community with access to over a quarter-million dollars worth of equipment.

INLAND EMPIRE: Tinkerers assemble for Mini Maker Faire

DATE: September 15, 2014
SOURCE: The Press Enterprise
Inland Empire will host its first maker faire, where inventors gather to display their hands-on projects.
The master maker behind this event, which brings together some of the region’s most talented folks who are good with their hands, is Gene Sherman.
Sherman, 44, is the chief executive and founder of the year-old Vocademy…


Mayor Bailey Hosts Riverside’s First Maker’s Roundtable

DATE: August 26, 2014
SOURCE: Riverside Office of Economic Development
Attendees included representatives from Bourns, Vocademy, Toro, UCR, La Sierra, Sandals Church, DGA Machine Shop, Congressman Mark Takano’s office, and Superintendents from both RUSD and AUSD. Gene Sherman gave the keynote presentation on how he founded Riverside’s first makerspace, Vocademy as well as his recent personal invitation to the White House as part of the White House’s first ever Maker Faire.

SoCal MakerCon logo

CEO of Local Makerspace Vocademy to be guest speaker at SoCal MakerCon

DATE: July 11, 2014
SOURCE: SoCal MakerCon
Did you know that Southern California is home to one of the most advanced makerspaces in America? They have been empowering people to make even before the Maker Movement got it’s name. The makerspace is Vocademy and we are honored to have its CEO, Gene Sherman, as a guest speaker at SoCal MakerCon.


Vocademy - The Makerspace Founder Invited to White House Maker Faire

DATE: June 19, 2014
SOURCE: PR Newswire
Founder/CEO Gene Sherman was invited to present his vision on how collaboration between education-focused makerspaces, industry, local governments, and education can bring the maker spirit back to the U.S and help keep America an innovation powerhouse.

Vocademy named in Congressional Maker Caucus

DATE: February 27, 2014
SOURCE: Congressman Mark Takano
Through the use of maker technologies such as desktop 3D printers, CNC machines, and consumer grade laser cutting machines, already-established businesses can explore new product lines, add employees, and attract new customers. Do-it-yourself entrepreneurs will also have more opportunity to find their niche in the manufacturing sector and build new businesses, such as the Vocademy, located in Riverside.

Gene Sherman

Giving Inventors a Boost with ‘makerspace'

DATE: February 9, 2014
SOURCE: The Press Enterprise
Lawmakers on Capitol Hill want to stoke the growth of the burgeoning “makerspace” industry, a broad term that covers for-profit and nonprofit shops that give tinkerers, inventors and entrepreneurs access to high-tech and often expensive machinery.
In Riverside, the Vocademy is more of a “makerspace” model, where…

Shop classes and tools offered at Vocademy

DATE: October 31, 2013
SOURCE: The Press Enterprise
Gene Sherman, a gifted metalworker, doesn’t consider himself an anachronism, but a visionary.

He’s built everything, from his own off-road car to a high-definition movie projector. And now, Sherman, 43, has created what he sees as his best work and the wave of the future – a Riverside business that teaches vocational skills and provides space for consumers to make things in a safe, supervised environment.

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