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Why? Because we help create more engaged students and help retain the ones that need help. We do not make students, we make students better. We give many students an outlet for their creativity when schools are unable to. We give students the practical applications to what they are learning. We are NOT competition for schools, we are actually a tremendous asset. We show students that there are many more opportunities for careers and give them reasons to stay in school!

We can also help train the current and next generation of CTE / Hands-On (STEM/STEAM) skills teachers. We offer classes and subjects we know are coming back to our schools. Hands-On skills are a part of our future, we want to help schools be ready to teach these traditional and state-of-the-art subjects.


Vocademy is partnering with local universities to give students hands-on skills and unguided access to a makerspace. An ideal relationship where both the theoretical and practical can be obtained.  We know that there are many career paths that require  a 2 or 4 year degree. Our role is to give local college and university students the practical hands-on skills and experience to make them stand out in a competitive job market. Employers want education, skills and experience. Vocademy allows a student to get the experience and skills, while pursuing their degree. We welcome conversations with schools about grand opportunities, collaboration and partnerships.
MAKERSPACE DAYS – An ideal Field Trip for your middle and High school students. A low cost, inspirational way to show them the career and educational paths available them to them through hands-on skills.

HANDS-ON CLASSES – Using our facility as an extension of your school. We have a fully equipped space with all the tools and resources you need to teach classes. Not just for students, but for teachers and others in the educational field.

CAREER EXPLORATION – Programs to give students opportunities to explore all the careers and opportunities that area available to those that want to use their hands, in addition to their minds.

RETENTION PROGRAMS – We know there are students that are headed toward failing or dropping out. We can help with keeping them in schools by finding their path in life and giving them the skill we offer.

TEACHER DEVELOPMENT – We offer professional development classes and skills to help create the next generation of hands-on skills teachers and to help current teachers achieve their CTE goals.

For more information, please use our CONTACT US form, email us: info@vocademy.com or call: 951-266-6630


Makerspace Days are interactive, field trip tours of our one-of-a-kind facility for middle and high school students. It’s the ideal way to excite your students and introduce them to the amazing world of innovation, hands-on skills, and making things. We show them the amazing tools of making. From welding, to lasers cutting, to 3D Printing, to Cosplay, and more. They will also compete in a fun and engaging Tower Building engineering challenge. They will leave with heads full of ideas and the desire to make things!
We show your students to possibilities of what they can do with their minds AND their hands. We show them how the world of making is open to everyone regardless of gender, background, ethnicity, or existing ability levels. A motivational field trip like no other. We can schedule your trip during or after normal school days, evenings, or weekends. We offer flexible start and finish times and our Makerspace Days are available to non-traditional schools, scouts and other children groups.

Please call for details, more info and available dates. Our programs can be tailored to your needs. Please email us: Candy@Vocademy.com or call: 951-266-6630


Are you a local business, organization, or community member who would love to give a group of students a great opportunity? Are you a manufacturing or engineering company that wants young adults to know how awesome STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) really is? We can help!  The more students know what manufacturing (making) is about, the more they might become our future scientists, engineers and a great part of our workforce. Not just pictures on a screen or in a book, we show them what the real world of making is and we make it fun!  With your help, we can offer this to schools for free and at a very low cost to you.  We would also be happy to pass along literature and a mention of what your company or organization during the day. If you’re interested, please email us: info@Vocademy.com or call: 951-266-6630



  • A three hour, interactive, hands-on event.
  • For groups of 15 to 30 students
  • $399 set fee with additional options available
  • Introduction & presentation:
    • What is a makerspace, maker movement & why it matters to you.
    • Fun and educational “maker” videos, images and stories.
  • Inspirational tour of our facility & demonstrations:
    • Demos of welding, 3D Printing, laser cutting and more.
    • Tour of all our areas, including wood shop, sewing, fab, and more.
  • Tower Building Challenge:
    • A fun, hands-on, head-to-head engineering challenge.
    • Within a 20 minute limit, teams of 3-5 students build a tower.
  • Tower Building Challenge video & discussion:
    • We reveal to students why they succeeded or failed.
    • Describe how the challenge applies to real life.
  • Conclusion
    • Feedback and a thank you for coming
    • Give out literature with DIY “making” resources.
    • Students take home a gift bag of goodies.



For more information, please use our CONTACT US form, email us: info@vocademy.com or call: 951-266-6630


We teach “old school” skills. The kind of skills that used to be taught in “Shop Class.”  The skills you will never forget and will have for the rest of your life. The kind of skills that you can only learn from people with “real-world” experience. Our instructors come from industry or have a lot of experience in their subject matter. We hire knowledgeable instructors who love what they do and are willing to share it. The Master and Apprentice approach, the way teaching and learning has been done for thousand of years. Our instruction is based on practical and useable knowledge, not theory.
We teach “state-of-the-art” skills. Our classes change with the times and technology.  We teach what works in the real world. Because we want to teach what our students, the industry and real-life jobs need. We will teach what you need and want, not what others think you need. We will make our classes entertaining.  We want our students to enjoy what they are learning.  The subject matter may be serious, but learning needs to be something we all enjoy.
We are working with several local school districts and universities to give their students access to our facility and classes. We want to be the future of Hands-On STEM education.
Please call for details, more info and available dates. Our programs can be tailored to your needs. Email us: info@vocademy.com or call: 951-266-6630


There are disinterested kids in our schools. Many simply do not understand or grasp the reasons why they are learning what is offered. Some have not found their purpose or path in life. They need to be shown the practical applications for what they are told to learn. Others just need to get excited about learning again. For example, to truly excite a student about geometry, raw materials, STEM, engineering and/or making things, you need to have them build a physical model of a bridge.  In the process, they learn from failure, from trial and error, and from the satisfaction of solving problems. That’s what Vocademy can offer.
There are also many high school students who are notmeant for higher education. We cannot expect all of our students to be lawyers, doctors, PHDs and other careers that require a degree.  So many students are getting funneled into college, and many times because they are never given a choice. “College or you are a failure” is the message they hear and that is not fair. There are high schools that have huge drop out rates and where many do not continue to college. Our goal is to help students find alternate paths and give them the skills to get there.
We have the necessary tools and resources. We can help instill the pride and confidence that is gained from making things. For many in our society, using your hands and your mind to build thing is the ultimate motivator. We are currently working on several different retention programs and partnerships. Please email us: info@Vocademy.comor call: 951-266-6630



CTE (Career & Technical Education) is the modern equivalent of what used to be called shop class, industrial arts, or vocational education. Over the past few decades, the focus has moved away from hands-on skills, but now is starting to return. Project based teaching and Hands-On STEM is becoming very popular. Many schools and districts are introducing state-of-the-art technologies such as; 3D Printing, Laser Cutting, CAD and Desktop Milling and are also starting to bring back some of the traditional skills, such as sewing, wood working & metal working.

But where do teachers and administrators go to effective learn these skills and technologies? Training on these tools is not available in text books because the technology is brand new or has changed so much. So where can you send teachers to get this skills training? Send them to Vocademy! We provide practical, affordable and very effective training in these modern and traditional hands-on skills. We can show teachers how to use the “tools of making” and how they can effectively implement them into teaching. We can provide training in a dozen subjects ranging from traditional hands-on skills to state-of-the-art STEM technologies.


We also can also help schools with sourcing tools and equipment for your STEM labs, classrooms and school makerspaces. We have excellent relationships with manufacturers and suppliers to help you decide which tools are best for your teaching environment. Teachers can come to Vocademy for training and leave with the machines they have just learned to use!

For example, we offer classes in:

  • 3D Printing – Plus the techniques to engage your students in creating amazing new things.
  • CAD (Computer Aided Design) – The secret behind 3D printing is creating your own designs.
  • Laser Cutting & Engraving – One of the most amazing tools for making things.
  • Plastics & Composites – great ways to teach kids about chemistry with practical applications.
  • Shop Safety & basic tools – teachers need to know how to create a safe learning environment
  • Costume & Prop Making – Inspire the inner maker in your students. Incredibly popular.
  • Metal working, fabrication and woodworking – The traditional, but very necessary skills.
  • And many more….

We can arrange training during the day (Professional Development), evenings or weekends. In groups (6-12 people) or as individuals taking part in our normally scheduled classes. Our training programs can be tailored to your needs. Please contact us for more information on our CTE/STEM offerings. Use our CONTACT US form, email us: info@Vocademy.com or call: 951-266-6630


Teacher Development


For more information, please use our CONTACT US form, email us: info@vocademy.com or call: 951-266-6630

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