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Vocademy is one of a kind and we’re here to help our community. We can teach you to make things, we can help you make things, we can make things for you, can give you the space to make with us AND bring people together. We offer services that can take you from the absolute beginning to as far as you want to go. Contact us for more info: info@Vocademy.com or call 951-266-6630

HIRE-A-PRO – Need something designed, modified, or made? Not sure where to start or go? We can help. Want private training for you or a group? We can do that too. Want to bring your team together and have some “maker” fun? That’s what we do!

TEAM BUILDING – Tired of the usual team building events? Want to get your hands dirty and “build” a stronger team? We can offer team events like no other. Creative, fun, and educational all at the same time!

SPACE RENTAL – Need space for your business or your new start-up? Want to bring a group together for a meeting, a class, or a small event?  Want to store your projects and tools? We can help!


We are here to help you with your project(s). Vocademy offers Hire-A-Pro (HAP) services for our members, students, industry, inventors and anyone needing help with a product, project or idea. We offer consultation, design, and prototyping services in many different fields from machining, Computer Aided Design (CAD), 3D printing, textiles, plastics and composites, and much more. In some cases, we can also facilitate production with our local industry connections. We also offer private classes in all of our subjects. Hire-A-Pro services are not for production. Vocademy is a makerspace, and as such, is primarily setup to teach skills. Then our members can use these new skills, in our facility, for prototyping or any other projects. We are not a job shop, nor do we rent out our equipment. But we can do limited runs of prototypes or one-off designs as part of our Hire-A-Pro services. These services are available to everyone.



Every Tuesday from 6pm to 9pm, members and non-members can join us for DIT (Do It Together) Tuesdays! It’s all about meeting new people, brainstorming, group projects and seeing what Vocademy has to offer… It’s all about collaboration. During this time, we welcome anyone to come and discuss your ideas with our staff and the community. There’s no charge and we would be happy to spend a few minutes with you. We can determine if we can help with your idea, design or project and if a paid consultation is your next step. This is a public event, so there is no guarantee of privacy for any discussion(s). In many cases, our community of makers offers to help too!



The first consultation is a 1 hour ($40) meeting where we will discuss the project, the current status, if and how we can help, and next steps. The initial consultation is non-refundable in case it is determined that we cannot facilitate the job requirements. If it is something Vocademy can do for you, the next step is an estimated cost. Depending on the specifics of the HAP job, the costs for work are: $60 per hour for hands-on time (CAD, machining, etc) and $25 per hour for hands-off time (laser engraving, 3D printing). These rates can vary depending on the task, quantities, how much setup is required, finishing, etc. These estimates are not invoices and we cannot guarantee the exact total, as there are always unforeseen circumstances in the world of making things. We keep our clients informed every step of the way.



We offer private training for groups, companies or one-on-one training. Depending on the client, special considerations can be made as far as hours, starting times, and group pricing. We offer all of our classes and subjects as part of private training. We can also discuss corporate plans for membership for employees to come and play at Vocademy after work, on weekends, holidays, and so on. If you are interested in any of the above programs, please email us: info@Vocademy.com or call us: 951-266-6630


Need space for your business or for your start-up? Want to bring a group together for a meeting, for classes, or a small event? Want it to be away from your daily distractions or hold class in an inspiring learning environment? We have the ideal facility for your party or event.  Want to store your projects? From a tote, to a locker, to cabinets for your larger projects, we have the space and storage for rent.

ROOM & CLASSROOM RENTALS – We have classrooms available for rent by the hour. The same rooms we use to teach are available for your organization or company. For classroom teaching, for work or club meetings, or for gatherings and social events. Call for details, availability, and pricing.

OFFICE SPACE – We have several offices available for rent. For storage, for running your company, or for your next start-up adventure. An office at Vocademy is like an office with a giant R&D department (or playground?) attached. The basic details:

  • From 90-140 square feet. $3 per foot.
  • First & last required for deposit.
  • Includes desk, chair bookcase and wifi access.
  • 3 month commitment, then month to month.
  • All office users must also be current members.
  • Weekday access: 9am to 9pm, Mon-Fri.
  • Weekend access: 11am to 9pm, Sat & Sun.
  • Certain other restrictions apply.

LOCKER & CONTAINER RENTALS – we have storage for from small lockers, to 7 gallon totes, to the same volume as three washing machines. Call for details, availability, and pricing.

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