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The ability to make things is priceless. It’s what makes people valuable to the world. It’s what creates problem solvers and innovative thinkers. And it needs to start early. because the process of “making” allows children and young adults to become the kind of students we want at all levels of education. It inspires them to be creative and expands their imagination. But because of all the standardized testing and other requirements, the educational systems cannot always meet these needs. That’s where Vocademy can help.

We don’t make students, we make students better.  We are not a school, we are Vocademy. We augment education with the real-world skills classes.  A place where students can come to find their skill, their passion, and potentially, their path in life. A place where mistakes are life lessons, and not failing grades. “Make it, break it, make it better” is one of our mantras, it’s how humans have always learned. 

We offer a wide range of modern, state-of-the-art, and traditional hands-on skills classes that schools don’t or cannot offer. From wood shop & metal shop, to sewing, to costume & prop making, to 3D printing, to CAD, to laser cutting/engraving, and much more!  Classes that are practical, affordable and are available in the evenings and weekends so not to interfere with regular school schedules. Classes where the parents can participate too! All of our classes are available to anyone 14 years or older.

COLLEGE AGEFor those headed toward or in Higher Education, we can make you stand out. For those seeking a different path, we can help you find it. 

HIGH SCHOOL AGE – We can give you the additional skills you should have learned in school! The real-world skills you can take to college or to your career. Want to come to Vocademy for free? Contact us about our charter high school partners.

HOME SCHOOLEDYou give your kids writing, reading and arithmetic, and we’ll give them shop class. The classes we (adults) had, and loved, but now with the modern tools of making.

MAKERSHIPSWe offer several Vocademy sponsorships to provide access for our community members. We also welcome other companies and organizations to join us and help make our young adults “more valuable to the world.”


We can give you the unfair advantage. High Schools used to have shop classes. Classes where you would have learned many vital life and maker skills. Shop class was not for making machinists or woodworkers, it was to teach people about being capable humans, about making things and problem solving. Skills that are critical for everyone to know, not just engineering students. Vocademy is the modern equivalent of shop classes. We have traditional hands-on skills classes and state-of-the-art technologies, available to all students, regardless of degree path. We give you the opportunities to add skills and experience to your resume. We do not promise jobs, we do promise to “make you more valuable to the world!” For some headed toward higher education, we suggest considering a Gap Year with Vocademy being a part of that experience. We have had students here as part of a “gap summer” to explore their paths in life.


What do all employers want from you? What gets you hired? What makes you good? It’s education AND experience. Higher education gives you theoretical knowledge, mathematical skills and teaches you were to find written answers. But in today’s world, that’s not enough to make you stand out. You also need real-world skills and experience.

In the past, high schools and universities had shop classes where you could have gained some these fundamental hands-on skills. But those are long gone or not enough. Then there are internships that only give you experience in a tiny niche that might not apply to your chosen field. Whether you are electrical, mechanical, or other type of engineering student, you need to know certain essential industry and hands-on skills. So what do you do?

You get those skills AND experience at Vocademy. The kind of skills that separate you from the rest of the pack and make you remarkable. Plus, you can become a member and work on your own projects. This is the ideal way to get experience doing what you enjoy. The projects you work on at Vocademy can be ideal content for your resume, your VC, and your “maker portfolio.” In life, doing what you want is much more fun and you learn so much more. We don’t decide how much experience you’ll gain, you do!

But not just for engineering students. We teach life skills. Skills that will save you money, make you friends and make you more valuable to the world. Art students can learn to work with industrial tools and create amazing things. All students can benefit from learning skills that make them more independent and capable. Learn to use tools and the techniques to help you Do-It-Yourself. Know how to fix what you own and avoid being ripped off! Spend quality time with fellow makers and students.


* We offer industrial arts and technical skills that most schools no longer teach.

* We are able to teach the most current technologies as soon as there is demand.

* The students/members get to choose exactly which subjects they want to learn and how much.

* Any student can take these classes. Membership is only mandatory for continued access to use of the facility.

* Students/members can choose to switch subjects at any time, with no penalties.

* Classes are held evenings and weekends, when it’s most convenient for our students/members.

* There are no grades or exams. We teach hands-on skills, where your works/projects/skills speak for themselves.

* Accessible for members to hone their skills, get experience and at times when other schools are closed.


  • Take a look at our SUBJECTS page, pick a subject to see the classes we offer.
  • Consider one of our MEMBERSHIP packages or current specials.
  • Look under our SPECIALTY page for workshops, camps, and more.
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We offer a wide arrange of modern and traditional hands-on skills classes that many schools don’t offer. Practical, affordable, real-world classes on dozens of different subjects. The kind of skills and subjects that employers are looking for. The skills that will give you opportunities in the real world. We offer evening and weekend classes so not to interfere with your high school education. What you learn at Vocademy, you will use for the rest of your life!

We partner with charter schools to give students the opportunity to come to Vocademy as a part of their high school education and at NO COST to them.  For more information, contact: LEARN4LIFE

We understand that college is not for everyone and we want to give you choices. Those that are starting their first job or heading to engineering schools can get an unfair advantage. There was no shop class in middle or high schools, but these skills are still mandatory to be successful. So here’s your chance to get those crucial skills and knowledge. We are NOT a trade school, we’re a place where anyone can learn skills and practice those skills. Many come to Vocademy to find their skills, their path in life, and then continue to trades schools or higher education. But now with a unique advantage!

Whether it’s cabinetry, or green tech, or any of the hundreds of other Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering jobs, most companies are hesitant to hire those with little or no basic skills. Instead, they want people who know how to use hand tools and shop equipment safely. You can get those essential “hands-on” skills at Vocademy. We DO NOT promise job placement or guaranteed employment. We teach for your benefit, regardless of what you choose to do with your new skills. Many choose to add these skills to their resume, whereas others work on projects to add to their experience and portfolios. Regardless of your reasons, we make you more valuable to the world!

If you think that high tech, hands-on jobs are not available? Just Google “Manufacturing Skills Gap.” We have employers calling Vocademy on a regular basis looking for people that have hands-on skills.


We teach fundamental hands-on skills –  The kind of skills that used to be taught in “shop classes.” and the state-of-the-art skills not available anywhere else.  The skills you will never forget and will retain for the rest of your life. The kind of skills that you can only learn from people with “real-world” experience. Our instructors come from industry or have substantial amount of experience in their fields. Our instruction is based on practical and usable knowledge, not theory or history.  

Our classes change with the times and technologies. We will teach the latest methods, because we want to teach what our students and Advanced Manufacturing companies are looking for. Not what the government or academia dictates. We will teach what you need and want, not what others think you need.

We make it entertaining – We will make our classes fun and meaningful. We want our students to enjoy what they are learning. The subject matter may be serious, but learning needs to be something we all enjoy. Ready to take the first step?

  • Take a look at our SUBJECTS page, pick a subject to see the classes we offer.
  • Consider one of our MEMBERSHIP packages or current specials.
  • Look under our SPECIALTY page for workshops, camps, and more.
  • Please CONTACT US with your questions, suggestions and requests!
  • Sign up for our NEWSLETTER to be kept up to date on our latest offerings.
  • Want to know more? Please email us: info@vocademy.com or call: 951-266-6630


Many parents are now choosing to educate their own children. Some parents see public or state education as fundamentally broken, and choose instead to teach their children themselves. But even then, teaching writing, reading and arithmetic at home is relatively easy. But want about the hands-on classes that require expensive lab or shop equipment? Or curriculum that requires such tools? We can help!  Some very high-tech parents want more opportunities for their kids to learn the latest (and sometimes expensive) technologies. As an article on Wired.com (Feb. 2015) explains:

“They don’t prefer homeschooling simply because they find most schools too test-obsessed or underfunded or otherwise ineffective. They believe that the very philosophical underpinnings of modern education are flawed. Unschoolers believe that children are natural learners; with a little support, they will explore and experiment and learn about the world in a way that is appropriate to their abilities and interests. Problems arise, the thinking goes, when kids are pushed into an educational model that treats everyone the same—gives them the same lessons and homework, sets the same expectations, and covers the same subjects.”

Vocademy is an ideal kind of educational facility, where students can learn directly through hands-on tinkering, experimenting, building, and making, rather than being educated in the prescriptive, standardized formats of public schools. We can help give your kids the broad access to the tools of making and skills homeschooling parents cannot supply at home. But keeping true to the principal that the parent is involved in the education, we welcome for parents and children to take classes together. Some parents choose to take what we teach and become the teachers themselves. We welcome families to come and see what we have to offer.

  • Take a look at our SUBJECTS page, pick a subject to see the classes we offer..
  • Consider one of our MEMBERSHIP packages or current specials.
  • Look under our SPECIALTY page for workshops, camps, and more.
  • Please CONTACT US with your questions, suggestions and requests!
  • Sign up for our NEWSLETTER to be kept up to date on our latest offerings.
  • Want to know more? Please email us: info@vocademy.com or call: 951-266-6630



Sponsorships (Makerships) are a financial grant aid awarded to students to help them pay for their education. We offer several sponsorships and looking forward to creating many more. These sponsorships can include classes and/or membership. Some are sponsored by Vocademy, others by members of our community, organizations, and business. Please take a look below for currently available scholarships or contact us for more info.


We would welcome others to participate and help make people more valuable to the world. We are not a non-profit, but we are a private business with very philanthropic ideals. Helping Vocademy award scholarships does not come with a tax write off, it come with the satisfaction of helping people in our community change their lives for the better, and perhaps, paying it forward. Please contact us if you are interested in setting up a scholarship in your name, on behalf of your organization, your company, or even anonymously.

We want to make giving as easy and as rewarding as possible. Scholarships can range from 3 month access with classes for one person, to year-long (all inclusive) memberships, to serving dozens of people in our community. Together with the donor, we determine the ideal amount(s), the demographic we would like the scholarships to serve and all other details of the agreement. The donor can decide to whom the scholarship is awarded, what to name the scholarship, and what is included in the award. Donors can can be involved in as much or as little of the awarding process as they like. Scholarship funds can go directly from the donor to the recipient, or through Vocademy as the facilitator. To get involved as a benefactor, please contact us: info@vocademy.com

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