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3D Printing and Scanning


For class dates, times, and to sign-up: 951-275-5350

  • Prefer to email? Please contact us at: info@Vocademy.com and we will respond ASAP.
  • Some classes are mandatory and must be taken in order. Take as many as you like.
  • Our classes are open to everyone 14 years and up. Beginners are absolutely welcome.
  • Please wear closed-toe shoes. Some classes have additional clothing requirements.


You will learn the basics of 3D printing AND print your first part to take home. You will learn all the steps, including: finding a model/object online, how to transfer information to the printers, proper machine set-up, and safe use. You will upload a 3D model, be introduced to the software, set up the 3D Printer, and print your first part. A Make & Take class. THIS CLASS GIVES MEMBERS ACCESS TO: FDM 3D Printers.

In this class you will learn how to orient your 3D models to maximize strength, as well as minimize print time, learn support structure considerations, and fill types using specialized software. We will also cover design intent and using CAD when creating parts for 3D printing. This class is critical to creating great and reliable printed objects. Class 01-205 PreReq.

$5 (+ tax) materials fee. This class teaches you advanced 3D printing subjects such as ideal material selection, pros and cons of certain materials and their properties, use of glass vs. other types/materials of platforms, and nozzle/bed temperature control. This class also covers other industry standard 3D printing technologies. Controlling these variables is critical to achieving optimal 3D prints. Class 01-210 Pre-Req.

$15 (+ tax) materials fee. This class teaches you how to take a raw 3D print and create a finished product. This class will cover different techniques and methods such as polishing, sanding, bonding, chemical finishing, sandblasting, and painting. Advanced techniques such as machining for precision will also be mentioned. Class 01-215 Pre-Req. 

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