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What is Worbla?

Cosplay-in-progress: D3 Demon Hunter by Lightning Cosplay, from Worbla.com
Lightning Cosplay’s finished D3 Demon Hunter cosplay, from Worbla.com.

People have seen “Worbla” pop up on our class calendar a few times now, and it leaves most people wondering what
it is and what they can do with it. Worbla is a thermoplastic that comes in various sized sheets. It’s become a popular material for people who cosplay, because ease of use makes creating realistic looking armor and props a snap. But it is also used for making sculptures, toys, masks, and jewelry.

Using plaster rolls to make a mannequin of my torso, which I will be using next week to form my Worbla armor piece (will post more progress images next week).

Using it can be simple once you learn the basics and get a bit of practice: create a paper pattern (whether it is
for a Halloween costume, scroll work for a walking stick, or a pendant to be worn on a necklace) and trace the pattern onto the Worbla with a Sharpie marker or a pen. Use scissors or a hot knife to cut the pattern out of the Worbla. Using a heat gun, you can then apply heat to shape the thermoplastic to the desired form. Right now, I am working on a Faun (half human, half goat/hooved animal) cosplay which will have an armor-like torso piece made with Worbla. I created a plaster mannequin of my own body (duct tape mannequins are also a frequently used method) which I will be using to form and mold the Worbla, I will be posting progress pictures next week.

Once you have the pieces formed to match what you imagined with the original paper pattern, it is time to apply finishing techniques. Worbla can be layered, sanded, textured, hot glued, and painted with a variety of mediums from acrylic to spray paint. When the Worbla is still warm you can gently press items into it to create a desired pattern or texture. Or, when it is completely cooled, you can sand it down to the desired smoothness.

We can teach you the hands-on basics of working with Worbla – from designing a pattern, to making the proper cut of the material, heat gun and pressure techniques to mold the Worbla, and how to correctly layer – on January 25th in our WORBLA I class.
To sign up for these or any of our other Cosplay Workshop Weekend classes, call 951.266.6630.

Another Worbla work-in-progress. This Elder Scrolls Emperor armor is designed and built by The Tragic Shrew:


A feathered shoulder pauldron by Bambi Cosplay:

Check out more examples and get inspired at Worbla!

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